Place Value

**Prices listed were the prices at the time the app was added to my list.  Note that prices may change at any time.

Hands-On Math Base Ten Blocks (iPad)
Price: $1.99
Seller: Ventura Educational Systems
Information: This app gives you access to virtual Base Ten Blocks.  You can have kids model amounts, add, or subtract.  The feature I do not like on this app is that when doing an addition problem, the program keeps track of the answer for the kids.  So they do not have to go back and figure out the total.

Montessori Place Value (iPad)  (Favorite)
Price: $2.99
Seller:MontessoriTech LLCInformation: Love this app!  It uses the Montessori Place Value Cards (which basically shows the number in expanded form).  So kids select all the pieces to make the number and then pull them together to show the standard form of the number.

Montessori Stamp Game (iPad)
Price: $4.99
Seller:MontessoriTech LLCInformation: Same idea as the Place Value Cards, but with “stamps.” You build the numbers as you solve addition and subtraction problems.  I love how it shows the 6000 as 6 thousands and those can be pushed together to show it as the 6 in the thousands place.

Place Value MAB  (iPad)
Price: $1.99
Seller:Aleesha KondysInformation: Activities in the app include having children listen to a number and then make it using the base 10 blocks, determining an amount shown, and making an amount that is shown with a numeral.  Gives feedback each time so the child knows if they are correct.

Splash Math (Grade 1 & Grade 2)+
Price: FREE, but with in-app purchases to get all the concepts
Seller: StudyPad, Inc.Information: Splash Math apps have lots of concepts you can practice.  However, it is just practice.  Kids will need to develop some place value understanding before they do the tasks in these apps.

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